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Automatix for Ubuntu 8 is dead

Today I read on the GetAutomatix Forum that Getautomatix for Ubuntu has been discontinued. That's sad news since we were all pretty used to it. Everything outside-the-box was installed with a single click and was a great improvement for the end-user experience. Now I can only hope that someone will resume the development with a new project. These guys are now working only for the distro...



Gestión de la batería en Macbook, con SmartSleep

Si quieres ahondar más en el ahorro de energía de tu mac, en vez de de conformarte con las opciones por defecto del sistema, puedes instalar SmartSleep.prefPane. Una utilidad que te permite configurar qué debe hacer el ordenador cuando está inactivo, pero teniendo en cuenta la batería restante. 

Si por ejemplo a tu portátil le queda un 20% de batería probablemente querrás que el ahorro sea...


Exitazo de la primera PHP Barcelona Conference

Pues sí, el sábado 23 de Febrero celebramos la primera PHP Barcelona Conference, y fue todo un exitazo: de participación, de organización (no se nos descuajaringó la agenda), las instalaciones (Bocanord) eran fantásticas así como los medios que pusieron a nuestra disposición; la mejor sala del complejo, un equipo de proyección de cine y buena voluntad a raudales.

Por mi parte,...


Primera Barcelona PHP Conference

El Sábado 23 de Febrero tendré el placer de realizar una presentación en la Primera Barcelona PHPConference. La verdad es que alegra (y acojona) que haya tenido tanto éxito de participación... ¡Nada menos que 150 asistentes en la primera convocatoria! Estoy seguro que nos lo vamos a pasar fantásticamente, haremos bastantes contactos a nivel personal y profesional y podremos sobre todo vernos...



File List: Utilidad para renombrar ficheros en lote para Mac OS X

De la mano de Many Tricks nos llega esta excelente utilidad gratuita para renombrar archivos en lote llamada File list. Nos permite hacer las tareas básicas de renombrado de ficheros, como cambiar la extensión, cambiar mayúsculas/minúsculas, añadir un número secuencialmente en los ficheros, reemplazar las apariciones de un texto, hacer tareas de ordenación o crear nuestras propias expresiones...


Moving to a Macbook core 2 duo

I have owned 5 laptops for the last 6 years, which are a lot of laptops if you ask me... From a Toshiba Satellite with DSTN screen, going next to an IBM Thinkpad 600x and owning only macs since then: Powerbook G4 550 titanium, Powerbook G4 1Ghz 12" and, since yesterday, a shinny (second handed) Macbook 2 Core Duo.

All those machines were bought second handed and sold consequently. I have been...


Good news for Christmas

Well, this has not been a good year overall for me, but it seems it might end a little better than it started...

FIATC, my burned car's insurance company is doing a straight good job, so I will get a fair compensation for my car's lost, hopefully over the next week. Hurrah! Now that it seems 70% of the cash invested in my poor 2 years old Honda Civic is going to be restored, I am looking for...


Burned out

Sadly, the subject of this post is not related in any way to the console game. Following is the actual state of my beloved car (as of beautiful, useful and non problematic), a 2005 Honda Civic which always worked like a charm.

The Civic was correctly parked in front of my house when yesterday at 3am the car next to him started burning and the flames took by assault my car as well: this is...


Installing Firefox 3 beta on Ubuntu Gutsy, with Firebug!

If you want to test the Firefox 3 new features on your Ubuntu Gutsy installation, but don't want to loose all the Firebug niceties for developing web apps, here are some quick and dirty steps:

$ sudo apt-get install Firefox-3.0 (upgrades/downgrades to kernel 2.6.20... weird!)  Go to the Fireclipse site and download Firebug-1.1.0b10.xpi. This is a modified version from the firebug original,...


Are you addicted to all things Apple?

Here you are a survey regarding addictness to Apple... I have only scored 56%, but I know I can make it better :-)

56%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

We actually have at home an iMac 20", powerbook 12", ibook G3 13", ipod touch, ipod nano 2nd generation, ipod 4g 20Gb... It sums up 6 Apple items. I know we are in the middle low range of Apple fetishers, so... How many Apple products do you...