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Linux web development. Test web sites in Internet Explorer inside Linux

IE: We hate it, but our customers don't know anything else... So, we must test how Internet Explorer renders our websites. It's a bit unpractical to boot from another partition, or change your machine for testing. There are a couple of useful practices:

Install a Virtual Machine for Linux, such as Virtualbox with a windows XP in it Install IE5, IE5.5 or IE6 as a linux standalone...



Recovering space on an iphone or ipod touch

When you decide that it is worth to risk your ipod touch's warranty in order to install a vast number of third party apps, you are sure to end filling up all the space dedicated to the ipod operative system. This ain't good for a lot of reasons: you won't be able to install new software and some will fail (as of YouTube not being able to create its cache files).

The Apple new toys come...


Quicksilver goes opensource

The excellent launcher (and much more) Quicksilver that Mac users have been using for so long has been opensourced. This is great news, since more developers can join the product and improve it and extend it.

My hope is that someone will make a cross-platform version, or other projects like Launchy or gnome-launch will add more features thanks to quicksilver knowledgebase. The code can...


ipod touch first impressions, a great experience so far

A few days ago I said: ipod touch, I'll pass on this one. Can you guess what happened next? Well, it is pretty obvious... I bought one. I was extremely happy with an ipod nano 8Gb I bought 2 weeks ago, but a colleague of mine came to the office with a shinny new ipod touch, bought at the Apple store. One touch that had no TFT contrast problems, one touch jailbreaked with lots of apps, one...



Nautilus subversion integration tool. Execute SVN commands with Gnome scripts

I have been using subversion (svn) for years from the command line... But some months ago I changed my job and I started using windows environments. And I must admit TortoiseSVN is the best GUI SVN client i've seen ever before. While my needs are satisfied in Windows with TortoiseSVN and in Mac OS X with SCPlugin and SvnX, I was lacking a subversion tool to manage my files ...


Upgrade to Ubuntu Gutsy not so smooth and udevd 100% cpu usage

I upgraded my dell computer at work from Ubuntu Feisty to Ubuntu Gutsy, but I have to say that this time the upgrade went far less smoother than previous ones. The process halted the computer at some point in time, I had to start it up again, and in the end I lost all my compiz - beryl configurations (3d desktop, effects), which I have not been able to recover by now.

I don't see nothing...


Automatic keylock for windows mobile smartphone edition

I'm having some fun testing a Samsung i600 (a.k.a. Blackjack) windows mobile smartphone edition. I will probably sell it to someone else who has more respect for Microsoft software, but the Samsung hardware is top notch nonetheless, and I'm liking the device more and more.

Samsung tries very hard to disguise windows on this mobile, and the result is very good, frankly. Just like Nokia's...


Como se formatea un Samsung SGH-i600v

Para formatear un teléfono (hard reset) samsung sgh i600v como los que proporciona Vodafone, hay que hacer un ejercicio de dedos muy interesante. Primero de todo apagar el teléfono, y a continuación pulsar simultáneamente TODO esto:

Arriba Ok (si tienes un dedo gordo pues ya están estos dos) Número 0 Botón volver (el del lateral debajo de la rueda)  Sin soltar todo esto dejar pulsado...


Ipod touch, I'll pass on this one

Last week I sold my 30Gb ipod video for a bargain prize, just anticipating the shinny acquisition of a new generation ipod. I was never very happy with the ipod video anyways, being the main gripe its short battery life, which could only handle 2 hours of video playback and no more than 10 hours of music. I was never able to abstract from this issue, always observing the battery meter on the...


Overburning script for Mac OS X, Record large films in Mac

If you use the Finder burning tool to create your CDs, or an application that doesn't support overburning (surpass a little bit the CD or DVD maximum size) I am sure that some time you got anrgy.

Sometimes are films, sometimes it's just one more song in the CD library you are creating... The thing is that you have 703MB and you cannot burn a 700MB CD. It won't happen again!

Because I did a...