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Why I Changed my brand new Nokia N800 For a 770 (and something more)

Nokia had a relative success selling the first incarnation of its Internet tablet concept: the Nokia 770.

Quietly and without much advertising, the company managed to grab the attention of a lot of geeks (mostly in the Linux domain) who quickly saw a device full of software hackabilities (a.k.a. possibilities). That is exactly the level of attention that Palm pretends/needs to make the Foleo...



De conferencias con una Psion 5mx

Hace unos días tuve la oportunidad de asistir a la PHP Conference 2007 spring edition celebrada en Stuttgart, Alemania. Dada la experiencia de conferencias anteriores, sabía al 100% que no quería llevar un portátil a las sesiones... Lo he hecho otras veces y odio tener que arrastrar los kilos de tecnología a todas partes para usarlos sólo en contadas ocasiones. Pero sobre todo, odio la...


Automatic code formatting for PHP in your editor or CVS/SVN

PhpCodeBeautififier is a free tool for PHP programmers that formats PHP files to get a nice presentation and keeps the programmer sanity. We all programmers have our own way of representing code lines, but when the code is shared amongst many programmers it has to be formatted following some conventions.

PhpCodeBeautifier allows you to specify those patterns you'd like to follow and it will...


Quicksilver substitute for windows

 TAGS:Some time ago I published an article about an application similar to quicksilver in Linux. Now, after changing my job to another company and being forced to use Windows, the first thing I did was looking for a launcher to quickly open documents and applications. The result was a skinnable program with a simple interface called Launchy . It's free. With that app, I open a new...



Difficult to implement a GTD system on PalmOS... too many choices!!!

These last days I am trying to be very serious about implementing GTD on my Treo 650. This is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but I have been delaying as it demanded to sit for a while and start playing with different strategies to find a system that suits my needs and makes me comfortable with the organizational burden.

There are several applications on Palm...


A free good cross-platform CSS editor

There are many applications where you can edit your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Linux, Windows or Mac, but specifically in my Ubuntu I haven't found an application like CSSED (GTK). It supports auto-completion, really useful wizards, color pickers, preview and a long etcetera. You can go directly to the download page and see specific instructions for Gentoo, BSD, Mac OS X (via Fink),...


Como conectarse a internet con un móvil symbian y Ubuntu

En un artículo anterior hablábamos sobre cómo conectarse a internet con un móbil nokia 3G y macintosh. Esta vez, nos conectaremos desde un linux (Ubuntu 6.10).

Primero de todo el móbil tiene que estar bien configurado para hacer de módem. Estos pasos son los mismos que ya hemos explicado anteriormente, en cuanto a Linux, para no andar instalando más software del que viene por defecto...


Your Logitech webcam in OS X

Tired of chatting or using Skype without video? For all of us who didn't have an Apple's iSight camera it's possible to use almost any PC USB webcam with Macam. Macam is a driver for USB webcams on Mac OS X. It allows hundreds of USB webcams to be used by many Mac OS X video-aware applications. Macam installation is very easy, you only have to copy the Macam...


Gmail en Nokia e61

Hace tiempo que no publicaba, pero os aseguro que esta vez ha sido por una buena causa... estoy configurando mi nuevo gadget, un Nokia e61, que finalmente y por lo que estoy viendo va a conseguir una cosa impensable... ¡desterrar de mi vida los dispositivos PalmOS!

Falta muy poco para que eso ocurra, un par de aplicaciones no más, pero ya no hay vuelta atrás :-) Prometo hacer un review más...


Cómo conectarse a Internet con un móvil symbian vodafone y OS X

Si te quieres conectar a internet utilizando tu móvil Vodafone via blueetooth (también es posible hacerlo vía infrarrojos, aunque es más lento que el caballo del malo) aquí van algunas observaciones antes de que te empiezes a tirar de los pelos:

  1. Asegurate que tu móvil tiene acceso a Internet
  2. En el menu del móvil dirigete a: Herramientas » Ajustes » Conexión » Paquetes de datos » Punto de...