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Cómo reiniciar o resetear un ipod colgado

Si se te ha colgado el iPod (la pantalla se ha quedado encendida y no responde a nada) tienes que seguir estos pasos:

Bloquearlo (pestaña hold) y desbloquearlo Mantener pulsados el botón central (el del medio) y el menú a la vez por almenos 6 segundos

A mi hoy me ha funcionado :)

El artículo original de apple aquí



Basic and simple iptables configurations for home users

OpenBSD has been always my prefered distribution when I have to install a firewall based on a *NIX machine. The PF rules are what I am used to see. But last year I had to write several configurations for a debian machine using iptables which I am not really used to. Since I tend to forget these things, I paste here a basic configuration, if you want to use it, paste this in your desired...


Un slogan desacertado?

Hoy he entrado en la web de apple para consultar precio del dock del iPod y me he econtrado con esto:


Aunque en el site de apple debajo del slogan hay una imágen clarificadora con dos portatiles a diferente resolución de pantalla es inevitable que a todos nos venga a la cabeza la competencia. O es que soy yo que tengo una mente sucia? A ver lo que dura :)


Comentarios a la presentación de Steve Jobs en la Apple WWDC 2007

Las expectativas respecto a las novedades que Steve Jobs iba a desvelar ayer en la conferencia para desarrolladores de Apple que tiene lugar estos días eran tan altas que parece que algunos se han quedado con mucha hambre todavía... hambre de hardware.

Y es que Steve presentó durante largo rato el nuevo Mac OSX Leopard y habló al final de la sesión de ciertos aspectos del iPhone (que en...



Browsing MySQL databases inside Eclipse without having a local mysql server or client

EclipseSQL is an aid to people programming with databases. Allows to make queries, browse tables, change structures and all the common operations performed in databases. This is how it looks like:

The application can be downloaded as a standalone (screenshot) although since I am using eclipse to develop PHP (PDT plugin) and Java code, what I find more interesting is the plugin version. By...


Why I Changed my brand new Nokia N800 For a 770 (and something more)

Nokia had a relative success selling the first incarnation of its Internet tablet concept: the Nokia 770.

Quietly and without much advertising, the company managed to grab the attention of a lot of geeks (mostly in the Linux domain) who quickly saw a device full of software hackabilities (a.k.a. possibilities). That is exactly the level of attention that Palm pretends/needs to make the Foleo...


De conferencias con una Psion 5mx

Hace unos días tuve la oportunidad de asistir a la PHP Conference 2007 spring edition celebrada en Stuttgart, Alemania. Dada la experiencia de conferencias anteriores, sabía al 100% que no quería llevar un portátil a las sesiones... Lo he hecho otras veces y odio tener que arrastrar los kilos de tecnología a todas partes para usarlos sólo en contadas ocasiones. Pero sobre todo, odio la...


Automatic code formatting for PHP in your editor or CVS/SVN

PhpCodeBeautififier is a free tool for PHP programmers that formats PHP files to get a nice presentation and keeps the programmer sanity. We all programmers have our own way of representing code lines, but when the code is shared amongst many programmers it has to be formatted following some conventions.

PhpCodeBeautifier allows you to specify those patterns you'd like to follow and it will...


Quicksilver substitute for windows

Some time ago I published an article about an application similar to quicksilver in Linux. Now, after changing my job to another company and being forced to use Windows, the first thing I did was looking for a launcher to quickly open documents and applications. The result was a skinnable program with a simple interface called Launchy . It's free. With that app, I open a new...


Difficult to implement a GTD system on PalmOS... too many choices!!!

These last days I am trying to be very serious about implementing GTD on my Treo 650. This is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but I have been delaying as it demanded to sit for a while and start playing with different strategies to find a system that suits my needs and makes me comfortable with the organizational burden.

There are several applications on Palm...