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BloGTK :: Update your weblog from your desktop

BloGTK is a weblog client that allows you to post to your weblog from Linux without the need for a separate browser window. This means that you can forget the Wordpress administration area (just to give an example of weblog)

BloGTK is compatible with many blogs using the XMLRPC. When configuring the application you only have to pass the absolute path where your xmlrpc file is and start...



Configuració de Mac OS X per veure el programari en català

A la versió Tiger del sistema Mac OS X no es va incorporar finalment el sistema operatiu en català. Tot i aixó, hi ha programari de tercers que està localitzat al català. Per veure'l en el vostre idioma peró, cal que feu una sola vegada les instruccions que a continuació us proporcionem. Si ja us sentiu molt cómodes amb el mac, i per no fer-vos esperar més, cal que entreu a les preferències...


Grouping folders on Finder

If you are using Finder it is possible to group all the folders instead of have them separated by the 'name sort' effect by doing a little hack.Open finder and go (press Option+G to go directly) to


(text wrapped intentionally fo fit the page)




Installing X11 on Tiger

If you need X11 on Tiger for running applications like OpenOffice, WingIDE... you'll need the installation DVD or image. Mount it and install the package:


It's also available when you install Tiger under the advanced option, but hey,don't waste more time looking for a download on apple site, the Panther days are over.


About us

Manel Aguilar and Albert Lombarte met back in the studying days. Although they took different paths in life after computer studies they have found themselves sharing companies a couple of times. They work now for large PHP sites as technical managers or area directors but despite not being very much in contact they keep sharing different web projects, and of course, same interest in gadgetry,...


Script for compressing files with gzip within the terminal with date

This is a simple bash script to compress in tar.gz (gzip) format a file or folder appending date to file name.

Save this file as and give it execution permissions. From terminal i could be: chmod 755 This script does the following:

Checks if you passed exactly 2 arguments Compresses your source Adds the date on the resulting filename Optionally changes permissions of...