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Bash, Linux in Harecoded


Kill processes using string search

A lot of Linux distributions (and Mac) come with a handy command named pkill installed by default. This command is very useful to kill processes in a more natural way.

Instead of doing a kill/killall based on the ID of the process or the binary name, you can just pass a string that appears in any part of the process list, including the parameters you used to start a...


Converting a CSV to SQL using 1 line in bash

The command line is very powerful and can do amazing stuff in one single line by pipelining a series of commands. This post is inspired after creating a line that mixed sed and awk, but with just only awk I'll show you an example on how to convert a CSV file to an SQL insert

Let's take an input CSV named events-2013-06-06.csv with 16 columns per line. It looks like...


Contar veces que se pide una URL (y las que no es esa URL)

Hay veces que queremos saber cuántas veces se ha pedido una URL en nuestro servidor y Google Analytics o otro servicio de monitorización basado en Javascript no está disponible. Entonces siempre podemos recurrir a la fuente original de datos, los logs de acceso (esos gran incomprendidos y frecuentemente abandonados) de Apache, Nginx o donde sea.

Si por ejemplo queremos...


Script for compressing files with gzip within the terminal with date

This is a simple bash script to compress in tar.gz (gzip) format a file or folder appending date to file name.

Save this file as and give it execution permissions. From terminal i could be: chmod 755 This script does the following:

Checks if you passed exactly 2 arguments Compresses your source Adds the date on the resulting filename Optionally changes permissions of...