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Bash, Terminal in Harecoded


OS X renaming using parameter expansion

When it comes to rename files via command line there is no rename utility under OS X without installing Homebrew. But I still never needed to install it since there is a lot you can do by just making use of the shell parameter expansion.

The parameter expansion allows you to manipulate variables in a very convenient way and when mixed with the mv command you have an...


Terminal tuning for Git developers in Mac

If you work with Git in the terminal there are some tweaks you might want to apply to your prompt for safer and faster coding. The following lines are part of my ~/.bash_profile file. I use it on Mac although that might work in Linux as well.

You can copy and paste this code in your ~/.bash_profile (create it if it doesn't exist), save and open a new terminal to see the...


Autocompletar hosts al escribir ssh en la terminal

Esta mañana mi compañero Borja me ha enseñado un pequeño truquito para olvidarse de los bookmarks en la terminal. Se trata de autocompletar el comando ssh con los hosts conocidos.

De este modo, cuando escribes ssh en la terminal puedes darle al tabulador para que sugiera o escriba el resto de host por ti. Ejemplo:

Existen múltiples maneras de hacer esto, leyendo...