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Css in Harecoded


Configure Compass,Sass,Less... in PHPStorm

PHPStorm 6 bundles a new feature called "File watchers" which enables Sass, LESS, SCSS, CoffeeScript, TypeScript transpilation. This option will compile your compass/scss/whatever files when the source file is saved (this is when you lose the focus or manually save).

So, for the basic stuff you can stop using external programs and watchers likeCodeKit or...


XRAY: Bookmarklet para desarrolladores web

Hoy he descubierto XRAY, un bookmarklet que funciona para Firefox, Safari, Camino o Mozilla y que permite ver las propiedades de un elemento de la pantalla haciendo click sobre él.

No es para nada comparable a FireBug o el Safari WebKit pero puede resultar igualmente interesante. Por su naturaleza de bookmarklet, no es necesaria ninguna instalación, sólo hace falta arrastar el vínculo que...


A free good cross-platform CSS editor

There are many applications where you can edit your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Linux, Windows or Mac, but specifically in my Ubuntu I haven't found an application like CSSED (GTK). It supports auto-completion, really useful wizards, color pickers, preview and a long etcetera. You can go directly to the download page and see specific instructions for Gentoo, BSD, Mac OS X (via Fink),...