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Databases in Harecoded


Copy/clone/duplicate a mysql database script

This is a simple script that duplicates your entire database. There are many ways in which you can take advantage of having an exact replica of your production database.

In short, the behaviour of the script is the following (in this order, all piped):

Delete the COPY database if possible to start with a fresh one Create the COPY database Dump the PRODUCTION...


Volcado Mysql de municipios y provincias españolas y territorios UE

Son muchos los proyectos de Internet que necesitan una base de datos donde se muestra a los usuarios listados de provincias y municipios (caso España) o de regiones, departamentos, länder... (caso Europa).

Esta información no suele estar disponible para su consumo rápido ya que hay que ir a las webs de los organismos oficiales, buscar los CSV (cuando funciona) y crear la...


All ISO-639 language codes for MySQL

If you ever needed a mysql table with all the languages detailed in the ISO-639 language codes, here it is. I took the list from the registration authority and created the table in Mysql.

There are 21 languages that have alternative codes for bibliographic or terminology purposes. In those cases I took the bibliographic ones. The script contains the 2 and 3 letter ISO-639...


non-RDBM distributed databases, map/reduce, key/value and cloud computing

I've been playing recently with several distributed databases with the aim of choosing the best solution for my needs. Since there isn't much documentation on the web with a general overview on the subject, I write here some comments, thoughts and my humble experience. Hope it's usefull for you, this document is not a comparison of performance, or a "mine is bigger than yours",  just some...