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Cómo hacer un sparse checkout en Git

Si quieres hacer clone de un proyecto parcialmente y no llevarte todo el árbol es muy sencillo. Si todavía no tienes los ficheros es tan sencillo como:

Crear una carpeta e inicializar Git Activar sparse checkout Decirle qué carpetas queremos Añadir el repo remoto Traer los ficheros con pull Traducido en un ejemplo y sus comandos, pongamos que queremos ...


How to backup your full Flickr account (script)

Why you would like to copy all your images stored at Flickr to your computer? Well, maybe you want to browse them later offline, maybe you want to stop paying your PRO account, or to keep them just in case...

In any case, Flickrtouchr is a simple command-line script to backup Flickr. You don't need to know python or programming at all. A couple of lines in the Terminal and that's it.



How to watch and record TV with a PC Ubuntu linux

Catalan speakers see: "Com veure la TV amb Ubuntu"

There are many alternatives when we speak of media centers, but I can't figure out anything other than a computer. It offers all the functionallity you could want in a well-known interface. That's why I have a PC in the living room, I browse the Internet using my TV (using an HDMI cable) and now I record stuff when I am not at home. This is...