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Linux, Mac in Harecoded


Conectar por SSH sin password (autenticación de clave pública)

Para conectar a un servidor remoto por SSH sin usuario ni contraseña todo lo que hace falta es compartir una clave entre cliente y servidor. Los pasos son muy sencillos:

Asegurarse que la carpeta .ssh existe en el servidor al que nos queremos conectar Crear una clave RSA en la máquina cliente (la que se conecta):

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Cuando se te pida...


How to backup your full Flickr account (script)

Why you would like to copy all your images stored at Flickr to your computer? Well, maybe you want to browse them later offline, maybe you want to stop paying your PRO account, or to keep them just in case...

In any case, Flickrtouchr is a simple command-line script to backup Flickr. You don't need to know python or programming at all. A couple of lines in the Terminal and that's it.



How to create a patch and apply it with subversion

If you want to create a patch with svn you only have to type in the terminal something like:

svn diff yourproject > yourproject.patch

Where yourproject is the folder containing the modified source code.

Then, to restore the patch (apply the changes stored in patch in a new working copy), copy the patch file yourproject.patch in the machine where you want apply the patch...


A free good cross-platform CSS editor

There are many applications where you can edit your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Linux, Windows or Mac, but specifically in my Ubuntu I haven't found an application like CSSED (GTK). It supports auto-completion, really useful wizards, color pickers, preview and a long etcetera. You can go directly to the download page and see specific instructions for Gentoo, BSD, Mac OS X (via Fink),...