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Best distraction-free writing programs

I am not a writer, but as many other mortals a lot of times I need to write long documents or put my ideas alltogether. For anyone who works with a computer and needs to write text in a non-distracting environment these tools will be very useful.

These programs usually are full-screen and only let you see the text you are typing, and usually plain text (without any formats). It might sound...


Reset iTerm preferences to default

If you have messed up your iTerm application preferences you can aways return to the factory settings by deleting your iTerm preferences file. Just delete the following file:

rm ~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.iTerm.plist

This will delete your profiles, very useful when you have remapped keys and you can't remember how to go back.


SVN merge for Mac OS X

If you want to merge branches in your projects using a Mac OS X, you'll probably miss how straightforward is to do that with the TortoiseSVN client.

Mac has many SVN-fashioned clients where you can fall in love when you see the GUI, but when it comes to do a merge it seems that all they have forgotten to include support for it. I haven't seen any free or comercial application for Mac that...


Textmate: Plugins de PHP, Smarty y Subversion

Textmate es sin duda uno de aquellos editores para Mac OS X de los que hacen quitarse el sombrero. Como muchos otros editores, Textmate también soporta plugins (Bundles les llaman) y se pueden instalar un montón de ellos.

Para los programadores y webmasters que trabajan con PHP hay dos Bundles de especial utilidad: los que permiten Autocompletion para Smarty y Autocompletion para PHP. Para...


File List: Utilidad para renombrar ficheros en lote para Mac OS X

De la mano de Many Tricks nos llega esta excelente utilidad gratuita para renombrar archivos en lote llamada File list. Nos permite hacer las tareas básicas de renombrado de ficheros, como cambiar la extensión, cambiar mayúsculas/minúsculas, añadir un número secuencialmente en los ficheros, reemplazar las apariciones de un texto, hacer tareas de ordenación o crear nuestras propias expresiones...


Quicksilver goes opensource

The excellent launcher (and much more) Quicksilver that Mac users have been using for so long has been opensourced. This is great news, since more developers can join the product and improve it and extend it.

My hope is that someone will make a cross-platform version, or other projects like Launchy or gnome-launch will add more features thanks to quicksilver knowledgebase. The code can...


A free good cross-platform CSS editor

There are many applications where you can edit your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Linux, Windows or Mac, but specifically in my Ubuntu I haven't found an application like CSSED (GTK). It supports auto-completion, really useful wizards, color pickers, preview and a long etcetera. You can go directly to the download page and see specific instructions for Gentoo, BSD, Mac OS X (via Fink),...


Your Logitech webcam in OS X

Tired of chatting or using Skype without video? For all of us who didn't have an Apple's iSight camera it's possible to use almost any PC USB webcam with Macam. Macam is a driver for USB webcams on Mac OS X. It allows hundreds of USB webcams to be used by many Mac OS X video-aware applications. Macam installation is very easy, you only have to copy the Macam...


Essential applications for Mac OS X

Recently I installed from scratch a couple of machines, and as long I were needing my applications I generated this list of essential ones:

Quicksilver Free. Quicksilver is a launcher. When you call Quicksilver through the key combination Ctrl+space and you start typing, it suggests an application, document or file that contains that letters you typed in any place. Then you can...


Spirited Away

With Sprited Away [author, MacUpdate] you specify the maximum time of inactivity for your applications. When a program has been inactive for such a time it is automatically hidden by spirited away, so you don't have many annoying windows visible on the screen.

If there is any application you don't want to behave like this you only have to exlcude it in the top bar menu (See right...