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Mac, Subversion in Harecoded


How to create a patch and apply it with subversion

If you want to create a patch with svn you only have to type in the terminal something like:

svn diff yourproject > yourproject.patch

Where yourproject is the folder containing the modified source code.

Then, to restore the patch (apply the changes stored in patch in a new working copy), copy the patch file yourproject.patch in the machine where you want apply the patch...


SVN merge for Mac OS X

If you want to merge branches in your projects using a Mac OS X, you'll probably miss how straightforward is to do that with the TortoiseSVN client.

Mac has many SVN-fashioned clients where you can fall in love when you see the GUI, but when it comes to do a merge it seems that all they have forgotten to include support for it. I haven't seen any free or comercial application for Mac that...


Subversion (svn) 1.5 para Mac OS X

Si utilizas distintos sistemas operativos y en ellos utilizas versiones distintas de subversion te habrás encontrado alguna vez con el mensaje de error:

svn: This client is too old to work with working copy '.'; please get a newer Subversion client

Si eres usuario de Mac y te ha pasado esto, o simplemente necesitas un cliente svn 1.5 para mac puedes descargarte la última versión de SCPlugin...