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File List: Utilidad para renombrar ficheros en lote para Mac OS X

De la mano de Many Tricks nos llega esta excelente utilidad gratuita para renombrar archivos en lote llamada File list. Nos permite hacer las tareas básicas de renombrado de ficheros, como cambiar la extensión, cambiar mayúsculas/minúsculas, añadir un número secuencialmente en los ficheros, reemplazar las apariciones de un texto, hacer tareas de ordenación o crear nuestras propias expresiones regulares... y siempre nos permite previsualizar el resultado final antes de hacer "el mal".

Además permite crear "droplets" que nos permitirán arrastrar un conjunto de ficheros y automáticamente se renombrarán todos sin tener que hacer nada más, siguiendo claro está, los patrones que hayamos configurado para ese droplet. 



Moving to a Macbook core 2 duo

I have owned 5 laptops for the last 6 years, which are a lot of laptops if you ask me... From a Toshiba Satellite with DSTN screen, going next to an IBM Thinkpad 600x and owning only macs since then: Powerbook G4 550 titanium, Powerbook G4 1Ghz 12" and, since yesterday, a shinny (second handed) Macbook 2 Core Duo.

All those machines were bought second handed and sold consequently. I have been lucky enough with all of them to never consider buying a new (from stores) laptop. And as such, I am very impressed with a lot of aspects of my new Macbook:

  • Spectacular reflective screen (both in terms of size: 13", 1280x800 and visual quality). 
  • SPEED. Much better than my lovely Powerbook G4 12".
  • Great design all over the place (it's from Apple anyway). 
  • Battery: more than 4 hours (woow!). This computer is going to stay for a loong time with me!



Are you addicted to all things Apple?

Here you are a survey regarding addictness to Apple... I have only scored 56%, but I know I can make it better :-)

56%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

We actually have at home an iMac 20", powerbook 12", ibook G3 13", ipod touch, ipod nano 2nd generation, ipod 4g 20Gb... It sums up 6 Apple items. I know we are in the middle low range of Apple fetishers, so... How many Apple products do you own? You can test your Apple loyalty-or-whatever-it-is here.


Quicksilver goes opensource

The excellent launcher (and much more) Quicksilver that Mac users have been using for so long has been opensourced. This is great news, since more developers can join the product and improve it and extend it.


My hope is that someone will make a cross-platform version, or other projects like Launchy or gnome-launch will add more features thanks to quicksilver knowledgebase. The code can be reached via Google Code.


Overburning script for Mac OS X, Record large films in Mac

If you use the Finder burning tool to create your CDs, or an application that doesn't support overburning (surpass a little bit the CD or DVD maximum size) I am sure that some time you got anrgy.

Sometimes are films, sometimes it's just one more song in the CD library you are creating... The thing is that you have 703MB and you cannot burn a 700MB CD. It won't happen again!

Because I did a script to overburn CDs and DVDs, and it's quite simple if you want to try it:

  • Save the following script inside a file with your prefered text editor or from the shell
  • Give it execution permissions
  • Create a folder named contents_to_overburn that will contain your overburned CD/DVD stuff
  • Copy anything you want to burn inside the folder
  • Execute the script from the terminal, so you can see what's happening, with: ./
hdiutil makehybrid -o tempfile contents_to_overburn/
hdiutil burn tempfile.iso
rm tempfile.iso
rm contents_to_overburn/*

At this point you have the CD burned and the folder emptied for a next use. Hope that works for you, enjoy. This script can be improved or even integrated with the OS X environment easily. If you feel like doing it, please share :)

See the Apple developer page for hdiutil for more information.


How to convert MP3 to AAC, or how to set MP3 as ringtone in your mobile phone

As if I were a teenager, yesterday I found an mp3 song that I hadn't heard in maybe ten years and a smile came to my face when I imagined that it could be played in my mobile when I need a loud tone (I am on of those who preffer having it silent all the time)

So I passed the MP3 directly to the mobile but it failed, the mobile can play it but can't be set as ringtone. Rapidly browsed my default existing tones and I saw some AAC files, and I thought to myself... Isn't iTunes importing CD's by default in AAC format? .... and YES

So if you want to set as ringtone one or several mp3 files, open iTunes and go to:


and select Import using: AAC codec

Then select all the files you want to convert and select the menu:

Advanced -> Convert selection to AAC

Now you can send the converted files to your mobile via bluetooth/whatever, save the file, and set it as ringtone :)

NOTE: That works for my old but useful Nokia 6630 with GPS and TomTom. I don't know much about which manufacturers are accepting AAC format, maybe your mobile is even accepting MP3 directly as ringtone.


A free good cross-platform CSS editor

There are many applications where you can edit your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in Linux, Windows or Mac, but specifically in my Ubuntu I haven't found an application like CSSED (GTK). It supports auto-completion, really useful wizards, color pickers, preview and a long etcetera. You can go directly to the download page and see specific instructions for Gentoo, BSD, Mac OS X (via Fink), Windows ... or if you are an ubuntu or debian user just type in a terminal (or through the synaptic manager):

  • sudo apt-get install cssed


Your Logitech webcam in OS X

Tired of chatting or using Skype without video? For all of us who didn't have an Apple's iSight camera it's possible to use almost any PC USB webcam with Macam. Macam is a driver for USB webcams on Mac OS X. It allows hundreds of USB webcams to be used by many Mac OS X video-aware applications. Macam installation is very easy, you only have to copy the Macam component under /Library/Quicktime in your system. The package also contains a fast video viewer and snap shooter to test you webcam.


Macam can be downloaded from here (official page)

(Article written by Fran Horrillo)


Cómo conectarse a Internet con un móvil symbian vodafone y OS X

Si te quieres conectar a internet utilizando tu móvil Vodafone via blueetooth (también es posible hacerlo vía infrarrojos, aunque es más lento que el caballo del malo) aquí van algunas observaciones antes de que te empiezes a tirar de los pelos:

  1. Asegurate que tu móvil tiene acceso a Internet
  2. En el menu del móvil dirigete a: Herramientas » Ajustes » Conexión » Paquetes de datos » Punto de acceso. Aquí debes tener Sin esta línea no conectarás.
  3. Ahora en tu mac, abre las Preferencias del sistema » Blueetoth. Selecciona tu móvil y pincha el botón Configurar (o pulsa sobre configurar nuevo dispositivo si todavía no lo tienes vinculado)
  4. Elige Acceder a internet mediante la conexión de datos del teléfono » Opción 2: Utilizar una conexión directa (GPRS, 1xRTT) tal y como se muestra en la imágen:
    detalle conexión
  5. Proporciona estos datos de conexión: Nombre de usuario: vodafone Contraseña: vodafone Cadena CID GPRS: *99***1# En el desplegable de script de módem, si tienes un teléfono nokia, lo más probable es que sea Nokia infrarred. Si tienes un modelo no soportado o un teléfono de otra marca que tampoco tiene un script de módem que funcione puedes mirar de descargar más scripts de y copiar los ficheros en /Library/Modem Scripts
    detalle conexión
  6. Con esto ya tendrías que poder conectarte (a un precio de escándalo), para hacerlo, vete a Aplicaciones » Conexión a Intenet
    detalle conexióndetalle conexión

Este procedimiento ha funcionado para un Nokia E61 y un 6630


How to disable the opening of XTerm when you start X11 on OS X

Some applications like OpenOffice II, in OS X, run under X11 platform. Due to this, when you open this type of applications the X11 environment starts, opening by default XTerm terminal. To avoid this behaviour you have to edit, by hand, the init file of X11. This file is placed under


and the only thing you have to do is to comment the line where it starts XTerm, that is#xterm

(Article written by Fran Horrillo)