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Mac in Harecoded


Essential applications for Mac OS X

Recently I installed from scratch a couple of machines, and as long I were needing my applications I generated this list of essential ones:


Free. Quicksilver is a launcher. When you call Quicksilver through the key combination Ctrl+space and you start typing, it suggests an application, document or file that contains that letters you typed in any place. Then you can...


Spirited Away

Spirited away menu

With Sprited Away [author, MacUpdate] you specify the maximum time of inactivity for your applications. When a program has been inactive for such a time it is automatically hidden by spirited away, so you don't have many annoying windows visible on the screen.

If there is any application you don't want to behave like this you only have to exlcude it in the top bar menu (See right...


Increase the ibook display resolution with a 2nd monitor

When you plug an iBook 12" to an external monitor you get two duplicated screens. As they are duplicated, the maximum resolution is imposed by your iBook, this is 1024x768 pixels, no matter your second monitor can do 1600x1200.

I bought an iBook 12" because it's really portable and lightweight, but for intensive work, a 1024x768 pixels resolution is absolutely not healthy . We need a...


Desktop interface elements... unite!

I am one of those who prefer desktop interface consistency rather than having every couple of applications with different interface looks, depending on the gui framework they are built upon. Variety is the spice of life, but not on a computer desktop, please.

Mac OS X has always 'suffered' from this diversity of gui presentations, like the rest of Unix variants, and Tiger is even worse. We...


Installing and configuring PostgreSQL server on Mac

You can use the Fink package system to install postgresql if you are already using Fink (inside a terminal: sudo fink install postgresql and then configure the server).

OR you can install postgresql, with the clean solution offered by Marc Liyanage.

I prefer the 2nd option. If you also choose that, follow carefully the installation instructions and you'll have PgSQL working in minutes.



Configuració de Mac OS X per veure el programari en català

A la versió Tiger del sistema Mac OS X no es va incorporar finalment el sistema operatiu en català. Tot i aixó, hi ha programari de tercers que està localitzat al català. Per veure'l en el vostre idioma peró, cal que feu una sola vegada les instruccions que a continuació us proporcionem. Si ja us sentiu molt cómodes amb el mac, i per no fer-vos esperar més, cal que entreu a les preferències...


Installing X11 on Tiger

If you need X11 on Tiger for running applications like OpenOffice, WingIDE... you'll need the installation DVD or image. Mount it and install the package:


It's also available when you install Tiger under the advanced option, but hey,don't waste more time looking for a download on apple site, the Panther days are over.