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How to backup Flickr into Amazon S3/Dropbox/Google Cloud/Drive...

The following recipe is an easy way to get your full Flickr account backed up in Amazon S3 or similar cloud storage.

Unless you have a really good Internet connection at home or you are doing a backup of a small library the first thing to do would be to create a machine in the cloud, such as Digital Ocean or Amazon EC2 so you can have a high throughput. Once the process is...


Finding abusers. List of most frequent IPs in Apache log

Internet is full of malware and people with leisure time who will hammer your server with no good intentions, most of them will try to access well-known URLs looking for exploits of software like Wordpress (/wp-admin.php, /edit, etc...).

If you monitor for a while your access_log it's easy to find out unwanted behaviour. If you want to get a list of the most frequent IPs in...


Converting a CSV to SQL using 1 line in bash

The command line is very powerful and can do amazing stuff in one single line by pipelining a series of commands. This post is inspired after creating a line that mixed sed and awk, but with just only awk I'll show you an example on how to convert a CSV file to an SQL insert

Let's take an input CSV named events-2013-06-06.csv with 16 columns per line. It looks like...


Putty keep-alive session (mantener activa la sesión)

Cuando utilizamos putty como cliente ssh muchas veces nos encontramos que, tras un tiempo de inactividad, la sesión se cierra.

Putty cuenta con una opción que nos permite envíar paquestes nulos, de forma automática, cada periodo definido de tiempo. De esa manera, putty, mantendrá la sesión activa.

Antes de activar esta opción hay que tener en cuenta que, el sistema...