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Svn in Harecoded


Move a SVN repository to Git with the whole commit history

It is in your mind, like a worm that eats away the apple, "I have to switch to Git". And one day it happens and you realize that it was not that diffcult.

I started using Git as my local repository, but still using SVN as the central repository with git itself thanks to the git svn set of commands. After some time I decided to entirely move the vast majority of projects from...


Cómo revertir los cambios de una revisión en SVN

Si eres usuario de subversion te habrá pasado alguna vez que después de hacer commit y probar posteriormente el código has visto que debes volver a una versión anterior y dejar el código tal y como estaba en una versión anterior. No todos los clientes gráficos disponen de la opción de "reverse merge", pero en la terminal es muy sencillo de...


How to create a patch and apply it with subversion

If you want to create a patch with svn you only have to type in the terminal something like:

svn diff yourproject > yourproject.patch

Where yourproject is the folder containing the modified source code.

Then, to restore the patch (apply the changes stored in patch in a new working copy), copy the patch file yourproject.patch in the machine where you want apply the patch...


Subversion (svn) 1.5 para Mac OS X

Si utilizas distintos sistemas operativos y en ellos utilizas versiones distintas de subversion te habrás encontrado alguna vez con el mensaje de error:

svn: This client is too old to work with working copy '.'; please get a newer Subversion client

Si eres usuario de Mac y te ha pasado esto, o simplemente necesitas un cliente svn 1.5 para mac puedes descargarte la última versión de SCPlugin...


Nautilus subversion integration tool. Execute SVN commands with Gnome scripts

I have been using subversion (svn) for years from the command line... But some months ago I changed my job and I started using windows environments. And I must admit TortoiseSVN is the best GUI SVN client i've seen ever before. While my needs are satisfied in Windows with TortoiseSVN and in Mac OS X with SCPlugin and SvnX, I was lacking a subversion tool to manage my files ...