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Ubuntu in Harecoded


Cómo cambiar la extensión a múltiples ficheros desde terminal (unix shell)

Para renombrar la extensión de muchos ficheros a la vez en la terminal, se puede hacer con la siguiente línea:

for file in *.phtml ; do mv $file `echo $file | sed 's/\(.*\.\)phtml/\1tpl/'` ; done

Esto cambiaría todas las extensiones phtml por tpl del directorio en que lo lanzéis. Cambiando la parte en negrita por vuestra extensión favorita ya funcionaría.

Lo que hace la línea es buscar...


Restore broken hard disk creating an image with Ubuntu

If your boot partition has been damaged and you cannot boot Ubuntu you still might be able to recover your hard disk and save your data by making an image. All you need is the Ubuntu LiveCD and Partimage, an excellent tool for making backups, or the SystemRescueCD.

Here you'll find a detailed explanation on how to use partimage as well:


TortoiseSVN for Ubuntu Linux: The real alternative

I have posted several articles regarding subversion in this blog. If you ask me one thing I like in Windows, then I only have one answer: Tortoise SVN client. This small application is the only thing I love in Windows, for anything else, I'd rather user Mac or Linux.

But now, there is a Linux alternative to Tortoise SVN called RabbitVCS. I've tried it and it works pretty well. This project,...


Cómo reproducir ficheros .RMVB en Ubuntu

Los ficheros .rmvb no se pueden reproducir por defecto en Ubuntu, esta extensión es para los de tipo RealMedia Variable Bitrate, pero instalando los códecs de Mplayer los podrás abrir sin problemas.

Lo primero que debes instalar, aunque no sea intuitivo es la librería libstdc++5, para hacerlo o bien abre Synaptic ( Sistema -> Administración -> Gestor de Paquetes )  y haz doble click sobre...


GnomeDo: Quicksilver/Launchy para Gnome (Linux)

Si hace ya mucho tiempo hablamos de Katapult, un lanzador para KDE, ahora damos el turno a Gnome, con el GnomeDo. 

Al igual que en Quicksilver, se pueden descargar varios plugins interesantes que amplían las funcionalidades básicas del programa, que no son simplemente limitarse a abrir documentos y programas tecleando parte de su nombre.

Lo que más me gusta de estos programas (sin duda el...


How to watch and record TV with a PC Ubuntu linux

Catalan speakers see: "Com veure la TV amb Ubuntu"

There are many alternatives when we speak of media centers, but I can't figure out anything other than a computer. It offers all the functionallity you could want in a well-known interface. That's why I have a PC in the living room, I browse the Internet using my TV (using an HDMI cable) and now I record stuff when I am not at home. This is...


Automatix for Ubuntu 8 is dead

Today I read on the GetAutomatix Forum that Getautomatix for Ubuntu has been discontinued. That's sad news since we were all pretty used to it. Everything outside-the-box was installed with a single click and was a great improvement for the end-user experience. Now I can only hope that someone will resume the development with a new project. These guys are now working only for the distro...


Installing Firefox 3 beta on Ubuntu Gutsy, with Firebug!

If you want to test the Firefox 3 new features on your Ubuntu Gutsy installation, but don't want to loose all the Firebug niceties for developing web apps, here are some quick and dirty steps:

$ sudo apt-get install Firefox-3.0 (upgrades/downgrades to kernel 2.6.20... weird!)  Go to the Fireclipse site and download Firebug-1.1.0b10.xpi. This is a modified version from the firebug original,...


Linux web development. Test web sites in Internet Explorer inside Linux

IE: We hate it, but our customers don't know anything else... So, we must test how Internet Explorer renders our websites. It's a bit unpractical to boot from another partition, or change your machine for testing. There are a couple of useful practices:

Install a Virtual Machine for Linux, such as Virtualbox with a windows XP in it Install IE5, IE5.5 or IE6 as a linux standalone...


Nautilus subversion integration tool. Execute SVN commands with Gnome scripts

I have been using subversion (svn) for years from the command line... But some months ago I changed my job and I started using windows environments. And I must admit TortoiseSVN is the best GUI SVN client i've seen ever before. While my needs are satisfied in Windows with TortoiseSVN and in Mac OS X with SCPlugin and SvnX, I was lacking a subversion tool to manage my files ...