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How to convert MP3 to AAC, or how to set MP3 as ringtone in your mobile phone


As if I were a teenager, yesterday I found an mp3 song that I hadn't heard in maybe ten years and a smile came to my face when I imagined that it could be played in my mobile when I need a loud tone (I am on of those who preffer having it silent all the time)

So I passed the MP3 directly to the mobile but it failed, the mobile can play it but can't be set as ringtone. Rapidly browsed my default existing tones and I saw some AAC files, and I thought to myself... Isn't iTunes importing CD's by default in AAC format? .... and YES

So if you want to set as ringtone one or several mp3 files, open iTunes and go to:


and select Import using: AAC codec

Then select all the files you want to convert and select the menu:

Advanced -> Convert selection to AAC

Now you can send the converted files to your mobile via bluetooth/whatever, save the file, and set it as ringtone :)

NOTE: That works for my old but useful Nokia 6630 with GPS and TomTom. I don't know much about which manufacturers are accepting AAC format, maybe your mobile is even accepting MP3 directly as ringtone.


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Siento tener que escribirte aquí sobre otro tema, pero es que el post por el que quería preguntaros tiene los comentarios cerrados. Se trata de vuestro post "palm universal keyboard y sus malos drivers". Pues vamos, que llevo meses -un par de años, en realidad- queriendo encontrar la manera de escribir con el teclado en español, y no hay manera. El caso es que cuando vi vuestro post con los drivers para descargar vi los cielos abiertos... pero no funciona el link de descarga!. Os ruego, suplico, imploro, que me digais como puedo conseguirlo. Por cierto, si necesitais cualquier cosilla relacionada con el alemán, soy vuestro (eternamente agradecido) hombre.
Evaristo Martínez Evaristo Martínez 28/06/2007 at 22:44
Thank you for posting this. Some days ago it happened to me to :) ... the same thing with the melody as it happened to you and i have the same 6630 Nokia phone :)). Google did a good job finding this :P
Sorin Stirbu Sorin Stirbu 18/07/2007 at 10:34
You're welcome Sorin
If you have any mp3 files, you can use online tool to convert your music into custom ringtones:
Pumm Pumm 19/08/2007 at 19:21
[...]For-Your-IPhone.html">it all here - but it didn’t quite work for me. I didn’t have an option to convert to AAC! Then I found another post here that helped me figure out why. So here’s the trick: Go to your Import Settings in iTunes (they are in different places depending on Mac or PC). If it’s not already, set it to import files as AAC. Locate the track you want to use in iTunes. Many songs start out a little quiet - which is no good for a ringtone - so play the track and write down the times where the ringtone shou[...]
i cant find import on itunes advance and also
i dont get how to work the convert selection to ACC
its grey and it wont let me click on it
hannah hannah 10/04/2009 at 19:00
i'd like to recommend
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Hoge Hoge 23/05/2011 at 10:26

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