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Overburning script for Mac OS X, Record large films in Mac


If you use the Finder burning tool to create your CDs, or an application that doesn't support overburning (surpass a little bit the CD or DVD maximum size) I am sure that some time you got anrgy.

Sometimes are films, sometimes it's just one more song in the CD library you are creating... The thing is that you have 703MB and you cannot burn a 700MB CD. It won't happen again!

Because I did a script to overburn CDs and DVDs, and it's quite simple if you want to try it:

  • Save the following script inside a file with your prefered text editor or from the shell
  • Give it execution permissions
  • Create a folder named contents_to_overburn that will contain your overburned CD/DVD stuff
  • Copy anything you want to burn inside the folder
  • Execute the script from the terminal, so you can see what's happening, with: ./
hdiutil makehybrid -o tempfile contents_to_overburn/
hdiutil burn tempfile.iso
rm tempfile.iso
rm contents_to_overburn/*

At this point you have the CD burned and the folder emptied for a next use. Hope that works for you, enjoy. This script can be improved or even integrated with the OS X environment easily. If you feel like doing it, please share :)

See the Apple developer page for hdiutil for more information.


Comments Overburning script for Mac OS X, Record large films in Mac

Okay, so I created the file and it's on my desktop. How do I give it execution permission? Do I use the Terminal? Forgive me, I'm new to this and really could use a small amount of hand holding to get this working.

Devon Devon 08/02/2008 at 19:05
Hi Devon, the easiest way is to open the Terminal, navigate to the folder that you created, e.g:

cd contents_to_overburn

And then give it execution permissions (the fastest way is this command):

chmod 777
thnx for tips.

checkout the manual pages:

hdiutil does allot!
Cousin Cocaine Cousin Cocaine 26/02/2008 at 11:47
Thanks for suggesting hdiutil. I prefer to pass the directory as a variable, so that you don't need to create excess directories.


hdiutil makehybrid -o tmp $1
hdiutil burn tmp.iso
rm tmp.iso

put it in a directory that is in your path and you can simply execute
Michiel Michiel 02/03/2008 at 12:54
[...] com recurso à Disk Utility. Como não uso outro software de gravação fiz uma pesquisa online e encontei um script para o efeito com recurso à hdiutil. “If you feel like doing it, please share [...]
Hi guys! Look, I've got a 4.38 GBytes (not GBities or whatever it's called) and a 4.4 GBytes image and hdiutil keeps telling "Media does not have enough free space". What's the problem?
Otherwise, I've been looking the script and I've got a question... where do you tell hdiutil to overburn the DVD/CD? It's the -o option in makehybrid? I can't see what this option do in the man pages...
Thanks a lot!
Àlber Àlber 21/07/2009 at 19:13
damn, i followed instructions, there was an error, now I lost the iso file.
make sure you don't do what i did and move the iso to the folder, make sure to copy it so if there is a problem it won't be deleted.
jojo jojo 07/03/2010 at 16:30
Hey jojo,
is clearly stated in the instructions! You only have to remove the "rm" command and do it by hand ;)
What if I want to be able to name the disc/title rather then them all saying contents_to_overburn?
GadgetMan GadgetMan 09/04/2014 at 13:40

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