Automatic keylock for windows mobile smartphone edition

I'm having some fun testing a Samsung i600 (a.k.a. Blackjack) windows mobile smartphone edition. I will probably sell it to someone else who has more respect for Microsoft software, but the Samsung hardware is top notch nonetheless, and I'm liking the device more and more.

Samsung tries very hard to disguise windows on this mobile, and the result is very good, frankly. Just like Nokia's Symbian 3rd edition mobiles, this Samsung i600 comes with no automatic keylock, which is INSANE.

Third parties are always to the rescue, and here is a perfect freeware solution, Automatic keylock. I also installed Dataviz Documents to Go 6 onto the Samsung, and it is top notch software too, not like the Mobile Office 6 crap Microsoft sells which cannot create new documents, only open them (WTF!!), and it also cannot do simple things like copy & paste.

Usability dregraded to 0, on a new shinny 2007 version. Anyway, bad feelings apart, did I said I like the Samsung i600? If only I had not my ultra useful Nokia E61...