Automatix for Ubuntu 8 is dead

Today I read on the GetAutomatix Forum that Getautomatix for Ubuntu has been discontinued. That's sad news since we were all pretty used to it. Everything outside-the-box was installed with a single click and was a great improvement for the end-user experience. Now I can only hope that someone will resume the development with a new project. These guys are now working only for the distro Pioneer Warrior. The original message by the authors is:

Well the day has finally come, development of Automatix has been discontinued. We are doing this, NOT because we think Automatix is no longer necessary on Ubuntu and Debian, but because all of the Automatix developers have become wrapped up in more pressing commitments.
I, Jared, have been asked by Technalign Inc. to assist in the development of the next version of their GNU/Linux distribution, Pioneer Warrior. I will use what I have learned as an Automatix developer to make Pioneer Warrior the best GNU/Linux distribution for the average user. Arnie, and the other Automatix Team members, currently are too involved in their personal lives to do justice to the Automatix project as well. We thank our loyal users for the years of support they have given us, and we wish them well on their journey in the world of free software.
Edit: I do want to clarify something, Automatix isn't entirely dead yet. Only development of Automatix2 for Ubuntu has ended. We may still decide to develop Automatix3, which will be a whole new app, however if we do, it will be exclusive to Pioneer Warrior. The reasons for the exclusiveness are, 1. because Technalign has paid for our server and hosting for the past year and 2. because we can easily work with Technalign's developers.