Best distraction-free writing programs

I am not a writer, but as many other mortals a lot of times I need to write long documents or put my ideas alltogether. For anyone who works with a computer and needs to write text in a non-distracting environment these tools will be very useful.

These programs usually are full-screen and only let you see the text you are typing, and usually plain text (without any formats). It might sound simple or even ridiculous, but I am more productive when I stop receiving notifications and being tempted of clicking on that little red number showing unread email or any other procastinators.

Here is the list of distraction-free software for both Windows and Mac.

Distraction-free software for Mac

This is the environment where I use this kind of programs the most.


I used WriteRoom for free a couple of years ago, now the product has evolved and is commercial but surely the most complete of all.


It comes in two flavours Ommwriter Dana I and Ommwriter Dana II. The first one is free, the second one is commercial, but you can pay the amount you want, minimum $4.11 I do use this program as my personal choice. Here is a video, and also lets you understand what all this programs are about:

Other programs

I haven't fully tested these ones, but they do the same:

 If you need to write a whole book, with images, chapters and so on an interesting tool is Scrivener (site, trial download)

Distraction-free software for Windows

If you are looking for a distraction-free writing software for Windows, have a look to: