Best web-based alternatives to Google Reader

If you are a Google Reader reader you have certainly seen the message that is going to disappear by July 1st 2013. If you read from mobile then plenty of cool apps like Flipboard you can use, but when it comes to a web-based interface these are the alternatives I found worth using.

The first thing you should do before it is too late is to download a copy of your Google Reader feeds using Takeout

Then take your time to pick another service, there are plenty.


If you log in using your Google account then there is nothing you have to import. All your feeds will be there in a fashion way with big images and a nice presentation. I like it way more than Google Reader, but if you have hundreds of places you are subscribed to maybe you'd prefer something that does not display all the images and shows as a list instead. It looks more like a new sites than a RSS reader, but it is pretty cool.

Find it here:

The Old Reader

Subscriptions are presented quite similar to Google Reader. You need to download your Google subscriptions if you want to import them here. But it seems that right now, the site is under a lot of load:
This is how it looks like:


Finally Feedly seems to be the on of the most commented in the Twitter timeline so far, and looks very nice too. They claim that the transition will be transparent for the users if you connect to Google Reader with a project they are working on called Normandy. What I like the most is that you can select how you want to display the information, a list, a mosaic, anything :)

Other alternatives to Google Reader

An article I found very interesting on this very same topic covering 12 alternatives to Google Reader is on Marketing Land

Let us know your choice!