Browsing MySQL databases inside Eclipse without having a local mysql server or client

EclipseSQL is an aid to people programming with databases. Allows to make queries, browse tables, change structures and all the common operations performed in databases. This is how it looks like:

The application can be downloaded as a standalone (screenshot) although since I am using eclipse to develop PHP (PDT plugin) and Java code, what I find more interesting is the plugin version. By installing the plugin another "View" called SQL is available, where you can browse the databases.

Recently I've been working mainly with MySQL, but since I work with remote sites and I don't have a mysql client neither a mysql server in my development machine, I found a strange error when connecting to the databases:

Error: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver That happens when you don't have the Connector/J 5.0 provided by mysql. To solve this go download the connector, place it under the eclipse's "plugins" folder and go to the SQLEditor preferences dialog. Then just click on Add External class and select the connector file. After clicking OK you'll see the mysql tick enabled.

Just to mention it, I tried to install the plugin from the update site direclty from eclipse but it failed.