Difficult to implement a GTD system on PalmOS... too many choices!!!

These last days I am trying to be very serious about implementing GTD on my Treo 650. This is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, but I have been delaying as it demanded to sit for a while and start playing with different strategies to find a system that suits my needs and makes me comfortable with the organizational burden.

There are several applications on Palm devices that can help us with this GTD implementation: outliners (shadow plan, bonsai comes to mind), project managers (progect), wiki apps (note studio), time managers (Datebk), plain vanilla apps (Palm To Do, Calendar, Contacts), etc.

I always loved the memo concept and implementation on PalmOS devices, and it is something that has made me come back after a serious depart to Symbian some months ago. I am very fond with little snippets of plain text easily accessible via a global find, links from Datebk or wiki style thanks to pslink.

This is just the way I am managing right now my info: pslink and psmemo do the data mining, and Datebk6 is just wonderful for the hard landscape concept. But this last week I couldn't resist to buy two other memo apps contenders: Memoleaf 5.1 and ABCTextPad. Both of them are very powerful and somehow complementary: Memoleaf is the most sofisticated on finding and managing keys and concepts. It also has a wonderful new alarm feature that avoids a lot of memo title duplication on Datebk6 just for the sake of alerting.

On the other side, ABCTextPad truly shines on text manipulation, it opens memos and txts without a hassle, offers two individual screens (you can find in one and paste in a memo on the other), it has screen keyboards, memo synchronization with texts, etc. etc. So I was convinced (still I am) that in order to succeed in my GTD implementation I have to simplify and choose only one app for memo managing (Datebk6 has no rival for me on hard landscape managing)... I don't want to switch between Memoleaf and ABCTextPad all the time, but both of them are so powerful on complementary features...

Albeit both products have very good user guides, they have also a steep learning curve and I cannot afford to dedicate too much time on training. Anyhow, they say choice is good, don't they? Thanks for your time :-)