A fantastic rss reader: readermini.com

I have been searching for a good rss reader since I switched my Nokia N800 for a Nokia 770, as the latter doesn't come with a default application for handling news feeds. And since I had already found a truly perfect image viewer, this became the last software I needed to complete what was a fantastic mobile computer by the way.

I am a big fan of Google Reader, to the point that I stopped using Netnewswire, one of the best Mac OSX apps in my opinion. Being able to use the same interface regardless of the computer you may be using at any given time is a winner feature for me, and that's also the reason I wasn't very fond on the Nokia N800 reader, despite the nice software it really is.

But Google Reader doesn't behave very well on the Nokia 770, not well at all... No problem, someone in a forum pointed me to a better solution: http://readermini.com, which is Google Reader with a simpler interface!

Really, it is a web service where you login with your Google Reader account and it opens up your feed suscriptions, with a lighter web 2.0 experience but not loosing any of the functionalities you are used to. I won't try to explain for 20 more lines how well readermini.com behaves... just try yourself! And besides, someone has worked out a great video demonstration which is published everywhere, so here it is another instance of it :-)

readermini.com has definetly found a home in my Nokia 770, but will it be able to replace Google Reader on my desktop computer? I think so, at least I will try it for a week and tell you about it.