Installing PHP5 on Mac OS X [1 minute]

Autumn is the worth conferences season for us. It seems that every autumn brings the interesting subjects and this November we (Manuel and myself, Albert) are attending at the PHP Conference 2005 held in Frankfurt, Germany. Last year was the Plone Conference 2004.

Since we are a couple of sick men, when we assist to a software conference we need to take with us a laptop (mac os x) having pre-installed the matter. The "problem" was that PHP on Mac OS X is not as trivial to install and since we haven't much free time for installing PHP5 and resolving all the dependencies I looked around for a quick solution, and I found it on Marc Liyanage page. Marc offers a self-contained package which installs php and many additional modules with the well-known install package wizard.

Hands on [1 minute]...

The aforementioned product can be found at Take a look for specific information like modules, PHP4 or different Apache versions. Amongst others I found interesting the MySQL,PostgreSQL, XML-RPC, GNU gettext, GD and PEAR modules (let's check what happens with ADOdb)

As I have the default mac install what I did was:

It works!

A self contained package that installs PHP5 and other modules automatically.