ipod touch first impressions, a great experience so far

A few days ago I said: ipod touch, I'll pass on this one. Can you guess what happened next? Well, it is pretty obvious... I bought one. I was extremely happy with an ipod nano 8Gb I bought 2 weeks ago, but a colleague of mine came to the office with a shinny new ipod touch, bought at the Apple store. One touch that had no TFT contrast problems, one touch jailbreaked with lots of apps, one touch with a terminal, ssh access and even an ebook reader...


I was shocked, I knew I had to buy one. My perfectly usable Nokia 770 seemed a brick in comparison.

Well, a week has gone by since and I have finally bought a touch and have sold the Nokia 770, by the same amount of bucks I paid for it four months ago.

All in all I can say that I am extremely happy with the purchase, because the ipod touch:

Now let's move onto the gripes of the ipod touch, as no gadget comes without a full basket of inconveniences:

Drawbacks aside, I am extremely impressed with the ipod touch, and I would say that it will be in my pocket for years to come if I wouldn't know me enough... All I can predict is that I will probably sell it when something better comes along, and I am not only talking about a simple increase of storage capacity. I am talking about an Apple ipad or a 2nd iphone version. Will this happen soon or later? I don't expect it to happen in less than a year. So I will enjoy my ipod touch during that time.