Ipod touch, I'll pass on this one

Last week I sold my 30Gb ipod video for a bargain prize, just anticipating the shinny acquisition of a new generation ipod. I was never very happy with the ipod video anyways, being the main gripe its short battery life, which could only handle 2 hours of video playback and no more than 10 hours of music. I was never able to abstract from this issue, always observing the battery meter on the screen.


I came to the ipod video from an ipod 2G, and that was such a trusty player! But the 20gb version was also bulky as hell and I was never using it on the go. I wanted portability, and I wanted video. Just the same old gadget compromises story :-) Sooo, I just sold my ipod video, an omiz bluetooth portable keyboard and a Palm Tungsten T3, and gathered enough money to buy a new hyper powerful media player. My first option was an Ipod Touch, based on this considerations:

As clear as it was my decision, I changed it when I read there were some ipod touch issues arising from the first hands on and reviews of the product:

So finally I'll pass on this ipod touch first edition, at least until the situation of the screen and software gets better... But I know I will jump onboard as soon as the 2nd generation or the rumored iNewton appear at the Apple stores in some months to come. Besides, I am by now the proud owner of an ipod nano 8Gb black edition, and what a beauty and complete device it is!