A life explained in HTTP status codes

This is a made-up story of a life explained with HTTP status code. It was written up to down at once without much thinking, feel free to improve it!

Status Code Event HTTP meaning
100 You are curious about her Continue
101 First time sex Switching Protocols
200 Love OK
201 She's pregnant Created
202 And you are the father Accepted
203 Were you looking forward it? Non-Authoritative Information
204 Think of a name  No Content
205 Baby is born. Your life starts again  Reset Content
206 Changing diapers Partial Content
300 Kids education Multiple Choices
301 New place to live  Moved Permanently
302 Your relation is elsewhere Found
303 She has an adventure See Other
304 At least is not pregnant  Not Modified
305 They used condom Use Proxy
306 Your toolbox remains... ( Unused )
307 Back to your parent's Temporary Redirect
400 Call your old girl friends Bad Request
401 Shit, all married Unauthorized
402 Maybe Hookers? Payment Required
403 You are bankrupt Forbidden
404 Reconsidering sexuality Not Found
405 In your ass Method Not Allowed
406 Confused Not Acceptable
407 Back to your wife's Proxy Authentication Required
408 Too late to say I miss you Request Timeout
409 I want the kids! Conflict
410 Custody trial Gone
411 Penis enlargement Length Required
412 That was not the problem Precondition Failed
413 That does not fit in Request Entity Too Large
414 Too long Request-URI Too Long
415 Try the other gender Unsupported Media Type
416 Not a good idea Requested Range Not Satisfiable
417 Not enjoying it Expectation Failed
500 You feel like crap: Psychiatrist Internal Server Error
501 No cure found yet Not Implemented
502 Bingos, hookers and alcohol  Bad Gateway
503 You are getting old Service Unavailable
504 Viagra Gateway Timeout
505 Mental institution HTTP Version Not Supported

HTTP specification can be found here