Nautilus subversion integration tool. Execute SVN commands with Gnome scripts

I have been using subversion (svn) for years from the command line... But some months ago I changed my job and I started using windows environments. And I must admit TortoiseSVN is the best GUI SVN client i've seen ever before. While my needs are satisfied in Windows with TortoiseSVN and in Mac OS X with SCPlugin and SvnX, I was lacking a subversion tool to manage my files while exploring files in my Ubuntu (nautilus file explorer). That's why i decided to create my own set of scripts to integrate them on Nautilus contextual menu for a quick access without opening SVN programs or shell. I took the icons from the SVN Workbench since that is the client that I mostly use in Ubuntu and my eye finds the actions faster.

I created these scripts  in 2007. You'd rather  read this article about TortoiseSVN for Linux before setting any of the following scripts if you want a poslished package without manual tuning.


This is how it looks like





The following actions are supported by now:

It takes no more than 5 minutes to implement, for example, the svn checkout. I leave it to you. I post this quickly because there is people around willing to test it. This is not tested anywhere other than in my own machine, but these are easy scripts, I don't think you cope any problems with them.


Requeriments, not much, really:


Download nautilus subversion integration tool (free)

UPDATE, 02 March 2009: Scripts and instructions modified for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Get the files in Github

Possible problems and solutions