TortoiseSVN for Ubuntu Linux: The real alternative

I have posted several articles regarding subversion in this blog. If you ask me one thing I like in Windows, then I only have one answer: Tortoise SVN client. This small application is the only thing I love in Windows, for anything else, I'd rather user Mac or Linux.

But now, there is a Linux alternative to Tortoise SVN called RabbitVCS. I've tried it and it works pretty well. This project, formerly NautilusSVN, looks really well and is inspired in the windows tool. By now, it offers a good support for SVN but the aim is to cover other Version Control Systems (VCS), like Git.

RabbitVCS is integrated smartly in the Nautilus context menu, like Tortoise does, and contains all the options you might need. Logs, updates, merge, commit, full checkout... anything... plus you can play in the terminal and create your own scripts!

If you are a developer and you work in a Linux environment, then you need this tool.


There is still a long way to walk for RabbitVCS but I am sure that in short will be a perfect replacement. We don't have to forget that TortoiseSVN offers many many advanced features (not just the common commands), but if you are a regular developer who works with a small group of developers and you don't have a lot of branches that need to merge, reintegrate and so on, this is definetelly a perfect option.