Upgrade to Ubuntu Gutsy not so smooth and udevd 100% cpu usage

I upgraded my dell computer at work from Ubuntu Feisty to Ubuntu Gutsy, but I have to say that this time the upgrade went far less smoother than previous ones. The process halted the computer at some point in time, I had to start it up again, and in the end I lost all my compiz - beryl configurations (3d desktop, effects), which I have not been able to recover by now.


I don't see nothing new fancy in Gutsy for now, and another negative side effect is that I've had to switch from the XFCE desktop to Gnome, and deactivate the 3d effects (GL Desktop) as it is impossible to change the 2 virtual desktops preference. I am so found on 4 virtual desktops (shells, gvim, internet, other) that cannot cope with this bug/limitation.

The worst thing came when the computer booted in the shinny Ubuntu Gutsy with a 100% cpu consumption, regardless the desktop I chose. Further investigation showed that 'udevd' was goggling up the cpu time, and looking in /var/log showed it was also busy writing to a log file.

Googling took me to a lwn.net page with a note about evms/udevd not getting along very well in Gusty.

So ...

Let's hope to see some updates and fixes, 'cause I want my good old XFCE back! I keep wondering what are the benefits of Ubuntu Gutsy over Feisty, any help?

Update: the update has broken vmware as usual. You have to download vmware any-to-any (versions 113 and up), untar it and run ./runme.pl. If you have compile errors, try to install g++: apt-get install g++