VCL's Varnish syntax highlighting for PHPStorm

If you are looking for Varnish syntax highlighting for PHPStorm, as per today, you won't find a plugin. This post is not publishing a plugin for proper vcl syntax highlighting but a quick hack to see some coloring.

Given the fact Varnish configuration files are very similar to C I tried to associate the .vlc type to C files.  It is not rocket science but at least your eyes will hurt less. If you want proper coloring then use the vim plugin for Varnish.

In order to give it a try go to Settings -> File Types and then add the *.vcl extension in the C type.

You can also try some other weirdo stuff, like SASS syntax. If you find anything better inside PHPStorm please let us know. Click the image to enlarge.

Other editors with support are: