Why I Changed my brand new Nokia N800 For a 770 (and something more)

Nokia had a relative success selling the first incarnation of its Internet tablet concept: the Nokia 770.

Quietly and without much advertising, the company managed to grab the attention of a lot of geeks (mostly in the Linux domain) who quickly saw a device full of software hackabilities (a.k.a. possibilities). That is exactly the level of attention that Palm pretends/needs to make the Foleo the start of a successful line of products, but if they do not opensource its... well, that's another post.

I was just discovering the Nokia 770 marvels (thanks to my fellow Serantes) when Nokia released a powerful successor, the N800. I luckily had the money, so it was a no brainier... three weeks later, I sold it and bought a 770 plus a 30Gb Ipod video with the money earned... Why picking up an older device? Here are my reasons:


So why I'm happier with my 770 now? You know, it's not the new kid on the block anymore, but it handles very well everything i want it for, and for music I can trust on the Ipod any time. But most of all, it is inexpensive by now, truly pocketable and has a glorious screen and very good battery life. The 770 is sturdier, I feel I can treat it more rudely than its handsome brother, I can close it with a slap of his cover and put it without worry in my bag, instantly... I don't know, it just feels way more pocketable to me.

Of course, the N800 has more power and twice the memory, it handles better multitasking and plays videos smoother (since its first firmware upgrade). It is definitely quicker, but not enough to put to shame the 770. It also has 2 sd slots and FM radio but... all in all, as I didn't see it as a road warrior at the time, all that superiorness was sitting on a shelve every day... What's that raw power when you don't barely use it? So I think I'll stick with my Nokia 770 for a long time, at least until a Zaurus C1000 comes along my way...